Professional Membership

As entry-level staff, senior executives and entrepreneurs, NABA members represent the driving force behind many corporations, governmental and educational institutions. They are educated, well-informed and sophisticated professionals. NABA has established a wide range of programs specifically developed to assist accounting and finance professionals in achieving their career goals. Each program is geared towards nurturing the relationship between the business community and the Association at large.  See our Programs page for full details.

The membership committee on NABA Boston actively recruits new members, retains and reclaims former members, and encourages member participation in chapter, regional, and national NABA activities and events. Our goal is seek out way to continually increase the membership base and implement long-term proactive membership activities that will attract and retain members from major corporations, accounting firms, recent graduates, and college/university faculty. The responsibilities of the membership committee is to obtain completed membership applications, collect annual membership dues, prepare and maintain a local chapter database and continuously recruit new members into the organization. The committee also coordinates various member activities including membership appreciation receptions, socials, and other networking opportunities.

Professional Membership Benefits

  • Recruitment and referral network
  • Educational and professional support
  • Business management and executive leadership skills and development
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits
  • National Convention
  • National quarterly newsletter (NEWSPLUS)
  • National Magazine (SPECTRUM)