High School 

These initiatives seek to increase the number of accounting and finance related college students measured through increase in college enrollment specifically in accounting, finance, business, technology and related disciplines. These initiatives were established primarily to provide awareness, encouragement and a mentoring relationship to Boston's high school students. Emphasis is placed on getting the students involved to understand the importance of: staying in school, developing good study habits, graduating from high school and obtaining a higher education (college degree). These initiatives stand as one of the Chapter's most formidable challenges and rewarding endeavors. The Programs utilized to implement these initiatives are;

  • The Accounting and Finance Pipeline Initiative (AFPI):The Accounting Finance Pipeline Initiative (AFPI) program is a two (2) and four (4) year high school program designed to provide inner-city youth with the opportunity to realize their full potential as future business leaders. The primary goal of AFPI is to provide student participants with those specific tools needed to prepare for a post-secondary education in finance and accounting. The program has increasingly challenging project levels designed to prepare at-risk inner city high school students for post-secondary education in the areas of accounting, business, and finance. It also includes an introduction to the world of investing.
  • The Accounting Career Awareness Program (ACAP): The ACAP program is a one-week program for high school students interested in a career in business. Held at a local college or university, the program introduces students to accounting, finance, economics and management through a focused, undergraduate-level program taught by college faculty and guest lecturers from business and government. During the week, students have the opportunity to attend classes on careers in accounting and business, personal development and college preparation and tour college campuses, local companies, and CPA firms. The program concludes with the students inviting their parent(s) or guardian(s) to a banquet in commemoration of their completion of the program at the end of the week.

Past Participants