Professional Development 

To keep our members up to date professionally and enhance their technical skills. Through technical sessions such as CPE's, scholarship program, educational discounts and panels and interactive sessions we support our members' skills development. The programs that support our professional Development Initiatives include;

  • Annual Minority Business Conference (AMBC): A full day's conference including a career fair, technical sessions, personal development sessions, student case competition and networking for professionals and student members. Held annually in October, the conference offers significant networking opportunities for members, great pool of diverse talent for recruitment and a wonderful atmosphere for students and professionals to showcase their skills.
  • Diversity Series: Selectively identified topical issues organized in a panel or interactive format to educate, inform, enlighten and guide members, but more especially partners on matters of diversity. From key demographic data to cultural and behavioral matters that impact the successful integration of diverse candidates in the workplace and schools. Topics include "Conscious and unconscious biases and filters," know your rights," "Culture and the work place."
  • CPE Sessions: These are directed at providing members with technical skills and competencies to effectively perform their job functions. Topics include accounting, cyber-security, taxation, business and marketing.