Corporate Partner 

This Corporate Partnership Program (The Program) is designed to: solidify the relationships that the NABA Boston Chapter have established with its corporate supporters and facilitate achievement of our mutual objectives. The theme "NABA and You - A Commitment to Excellence and Diversity" certainly signifies a good approach towards building a qualified and diverse work force. The Program objectives and endeavors are geared to; foster recruitment, retention, growth and development of minority accounting/finance students and professionals; and provide funding necessary to underwrite the Chapter activities/programs.

The Program is structured for participation at one of three levels: Pacesetter, Double Platinum, and Platinum. Benefits and privileges available to participants are matched to their level of support. There is a membership fee for companies participating at the Pacesetter, Double Platinum, and Platinum. The three-tiers allow for diversity in our corporate partners and accommodate participation at various levels.

The primary benefits, privileges and services of The Program are; job search assistance; scholarship award for designated pacesetter and platinum participants; special recognition at NABA events (i.e., Annual Minority Business and Student Conference, Annual Awards Program); special recognition in the Chapter's correspondence.